About Us

DBBC - Diversity in Barrier-Breaking Communications - was set up as a truly barrier-breaking project by volunteers with a passion for learning and helping people reach their full potential.

It was the first organization in the North West - and one of the first in the UK - to use radio broadcasting techniques to increase confidence, help students on to further education or help them into the workplace and offer to enable people of all ages, all disabilities and all abilities to learn and work together.

What We Do

At first students may seem daunted by going into a studio and seeing computers, mixing desks, CD players, microphones and the rest of the complicated-looking equipment, but they are soon shown how these pieces of equipment blend together - by practising this they gain dexterity, co-ordination and most importantly, confidence.

Students soon find out the value of speaking into a microphone and listening to play-back.

Alongside this the students work through our accredited course which involves showing evidence of the practical skills they have learned, including many elements such as Health and Safety.

Students are referred to DBBC from other agencies in the town and everyone is encouraged to help one another to show off their skills and reinforce their own learning.

Becoming a ‘teacher’ to someone new is a great confidence-booster and all are given this responsibility as soon as they are able.

At the end of the course it is always the case that the students have gained confidence and feel better equipped to move on.

A few examples of our student base:


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“I was very worried because everything was new but I have enjoyed everything on the course. I am now confident and happy.”